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Visit Street Self Defense to read about the latest in defending against the 30 most common street attacks. The Winning on the Street section explains why 90% of what is taught in most martial arts schools, videos and seminars won't work on the street. Visit our Womens Self Defense section to understand why traditional self defense seminars, books and videos are way off target on bringing you useful and realistic techniques for women.

Aluminum training blades, knives and swords by Birch Blades

Personal protection-phone conversation recorders including phone voice changer-stun guns-pepper sprays.

Self Defense Videos -Self Defense & Street Fighting Articles and videos

Street Martial Arts -Defending yourself on the street.

A1 Self-Defense - Self Defense Information

Self Defense Weapons - Learn to use just about anything in reach to defend yourself - Self Defense and Home Security Products

4 Star Military Surplus Over 100,000 New, Used and Surplus Items. Camouflage, Clothing, BDU's, Tents and other Supplies for Camping, Hunting, Survival, Hiking, Climbing and so much more

Patriot Security Products -Personal and Home Security - Self Defense Products and Information

Self Defense Super Store - Self Defense Products

F.A.S.T. Defense Training - Home of the Internatinal F.A.S.T. Defense Association

Gift for Him Your home for gifts for him like Swiss Army Knives and Lord of the Rings Collectibles!

Mile High Security - feel safe knowing that you are properly equipped to defend yourself

Things For Less- Safe Alternatives For Guns -Cheap Self Defense Weapons

24/7 Self Defense - Self defense and personal protection products

Safety Defense - Personal Defense Items

Stun Gun Weapons - Self Defense Products

Smart Self Defense - Self Defense Products

Self Defense Weapons - Self Defense Weapons and information.

Self Defense Smart -Self Defense Store

Super Air Soft Guns - Save big at Super Airsoft

SafetyRus - Personal Protection Products

StrikeBackNow - Self Defense Products

Wherify Locator -GPS Personal Locator Watch for Children

Tactical Advantage Combat Training

American Combat Masters

Samurai, Oriental and Calvary Swords


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